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Arabic Quotes with English translation 5.6
Reading the proverbs and sayings of other cultures is aninterestingway to gain insight into life that your own culturemight not have.Not only that, you can see how much philosophy isshared betweencultures, and how common sayings in your culturemanifest in others,and vice versa. Arabic culture in particularhas a long, richhistory, and it shows in their countlessproverbs.Check out this appfor Quote written in arabic andtranslated in english , we haveArabic English quotes both in theoriginal Arabic and with theirEnglish translation. you also canshare this quotes in arabic andenglish on instagram and othersocial mediaThe Arabic LanguageTheArabic language is spoken by 420million across the world, incountries like Saudi Arabia, Sudan,Iraq, Algeria, Egypt,Ethiopia,morocco and dozens of others. ModernStandard Arabic is adescendant of Classical Arabic, a languagefrom the 6th century.It’s written alphabet is the Arabic alphabet,read from the right tothe left.Arabic is an ancient language andan ancient, rich culture,with an equally rich bank of proverbs andsayings. Check out thisArabic quotes for instagram to learn how toshare it with yourfriends . Many of the proverbs in this app willinclude the originalArabic writing, but will always be translatedinto English.The Arabworld is known for their love and excessiveuse of proverbs;however, when you try to translate them intoEnglish they meansomething totally different. we offer you thisapp full of ArabicTypography Quotes literally translated intoEnglish and what theyoriginally mean this arabic captions forinstagram , a lot of peopleshare this arabic captions on instagramand they look so unique
An african quote per day 1.2
Radiance App
Every day, discover proverbs or quotes from Africa! Thisapplicationallows you to: - Discover proverbs and quotes fromAfrica-Personalize the look of your application with a choice oftwentybeautiful wallpapers - Share your favorite quotes onFacebook,Twitter, e-mail... - Have fun while inspiring your dailyThecountries represented in this application: Angola, Benin,Botswana,Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Madagascar,Mali,Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Togo, Uganda,Zambiaand ZimbabweWe hope you enjoy this app!
jok5.jokq26 10.0
خواطرراقيه هى مجموعه من الكلمات التي تحمل الذوق الرفيعوتستطيعمشاركتها على الفيس بوك والتويترJoatrracah is a set of wordsthatcarry high taste and you can share them on Facebook and Twitter
Trust & Cheating Quotes Images 2.5
The collection of Best famous quotes saying proverbs picturesandlife lessons images about Trust and Cheating Relationship suchasLove, Friendship and marriages etc. Only those who trust, canfindlove and happiness. And only those who love, can be betrayed.Donot run in lack of words for expressing your feelings sorrowandloneliness. It takes just a single tap to share these messagesandquotations as photo in WhatsApp and any type of socialmediawebsite such as facebook twitter tumblr etc.
Wisdom Quotes: Words of Wisdom 15.0
❝ Wisdom quotes is an application that offers you thousandsofincredible wisdom sayings and words of wisdom that wereselectedfrom the best phrases of all time.❞You can CREATE, DOWNLOADandSHARE all our exclusive wisdom stories in all your socialnetworks.Absolutely FREE!Main Features of wisdom quotes:🔥 You canCREATEyour own funds with exclusive funds from your own gallery.🔥You canSAVE YOUR favorite phrases on FAVORITES.🔥 You can DOWNLOADwisdomsayings whenever you want.🔥 You can EDIT your sentenceswithdifferent formats.🔥 You SHARE your favorite words of wisdomwithother applications and people.🌠 Available in 3 languages:SPANISH,PORTUGUESE AND ENGLISH.🌠 50+ collections of free extraphrases.🌠30,000+ daily wisdom with wise quotes.🌠 100,000+ fundstopersonalize your phone.🌠 New wise words with wisdom storiesaboutlove every day.👑 It has a simple design.👑 It is easy to usejustthe screen to see all the spiritual wisdom.👑 Requires littlespacein your memory.👑 A quick navigation between daily wisdom.Whydo youprefer wisdom quotes?Because it is a complete anduniqueapplication that focuses on providing day-to-day sentences ofthebest quality and design. In addition to findingdifferentcollections of the best phrases among them: daily words ofwisdom,wise sayings and spiritual wisdom. In this way, the planschoosethe most appropriate messages for each moment or mood.Whatdoeswords of wisdom offer you?Selected Phrases:We have selectedandcreated all kinds of daily wisdom more emotive, in which youwillalso find encouraging daily words of wisdom, intelligent quotesandintelligent words. Offering you miles of phrases with imagesthatwill make you think, reflect, motivate, fall in love, laugh,cry,it is all about finding the one that best suits what youarelooking for in each moment.Share them anytime:You SHARE allourdaily wisdom with whom you most desire, expressing everythingyoufeel or how you feel to your friends, family, a couple orcouplethrough your phone in all social networks.Unlimiteddownloads:Youcan DOWNLOAD and collect in your gallery all yourfavorite phraseswhere we offer you more than 30,000 intelligentjokes with wisdomquotes offline, plus 100,000 wallpapers topersonalize yourphonePhrase Maker:Our application of word of wisdomquotes we offeryou an exclusive tool in your life CREATE your ownfruits andthoughts with the best backgrounds that can be found inthewallpapers section It's not cool!Favorites section:You can addallthe favorite daily wisdom quotes to favorites, so you canselectthe ones you like the most quickly.Multilanguage:Enjoy allthebible wisdom quotes at any time and in the availablelanguages(SPANISH, PORTUGUESE and ENGLISH).With this applicationyou willfind the ideal phrase for every moment, you will findthousands ofincredible wise quotes and sayings, wise quotes ofwisdom, wisequotes app, etc.If you like wise man quotes do notenjoy it alone,share it with all your friends, acquaintances andfamily, leave usyour rating and also a comment as we can continueto improve togive you a better experience in our App.NotesSite:Alert: For somephrases, images and assemblies of public domainhave been used,since they are not identified in any way thatindicate theexistence of right of exploitation reserved on them.✏️Contact Us:[email protected]
English Idioms & Phrases 1.2.1
MNG Mobile
Every language has its own collection of wise sayings. Theyofferadvice about how to live and also transfer some underlyingideas,principles and values of a given culture / society. Thesesayingsare called "idioms" - or proverbs if they are longer.Thesecombinations of words have (rarely complete sentences)a"figurative meaning" meaning, they basically work with"pictures".This List of commonly used idioms and sayings (ineverydayconversational English), can help to speak English bylearningEnglish idiomatic expressions. This app will help you learnIdiomsand Phrases in English very easily and effectively. Wehaveessential English Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Proverbs AndSlangscollected and refined from many Features: • Idioms arearrange bycategories and A-Z (over 9000 idioms) • One idiom haveexplanationand useful example • English proverbs with their meaning• MostCommon Phrasal Verbs • American Slangs - Bookmark yourfavouriteentries • Fully functional in offline mode
Citations de La Vie 1.2
Citation belle vie pour rendre votre vie plus belle / Citation delavie pour avoir la vie claire / proverbe sur la vie / Phrase damoursur la vie / citation 2018 / ce la vie / citation amitié 2018/ smssur la vie 2018 / proverbes sur la vie / phrase de motivation/citation d amour 2018 / citation de motivation sur la vie /phrasela vie 2018 / poeme sur la vie / dicton de la vieCitationbelle viepour rendre votre vie plus belle / Citation de la viepour avoir lavie claire / proverbe sur la vie / Phrase d amour surla vie /citation 2018 / ce la vie / citation amitié 2018 / sms surla vie2018 / proverbes sur la vie / phrase de motivation /citation damour 2018 / citation de motivation sur la vie / phrasela vie 2018/ poeme sur la vie / dicton de la vieLes Citation,Phrase etProverbe et dictions de le vie et bien être en FRANÇAIS!!! la vie!!Citation belle vie pour rendre votre vie plus belle /Citation dela vie pour avoir la vie claire / proverbe sur la vie /Phrase damour sur la vie / citation 2018 / ce la vie / citationamitié 2018/ sms sur la vie 2018 / proverbes sur la vie / phrasede motivation/ citation d amour 2018 / citation de motivation surla vie / phrasela vie 2018 / poeme sur la vie / dicton de lavie+Belle vie ^_^Pourrester TOUJOURS en bonheur dans votre vie!!!- Citations sur la vie- Phrases POSITIVES sur la vie - lifequote- Citations pour sesentir bien - Phrases pour trouvé lebonheur dans la vie - Citationde RÉUSSITE dans la vie - Citationssur LA VIE - Citations sur LETRAVAIL en bonheur -phrases bonheurCitation belle vie pour rendrevotre vie plus belle / Citation dela vie pour avoir la vie claire /proverbe sur la vie / Phrase damour sur la vie / citation 2018 / cela vie / citation amitié 2018/ sms sur la vie 2018 / proverbes surla vie / phrase de motivation/ citation d amour 2018 / citation demotivation sur la vie /phrase la vie 2018 / poeme sur la vie /dicton de la vie+citations+dictions+life quote Tu pourras partagerchaque citation avec lapersonne que tu souhaite en un clic. Tupourras envoyer unecitation par SMS, par mail ou bien sur lesréseaux sociaux(Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Google+).Citationbelle vie pourrendre votre vie plus belle / Citation de la vie pouravoir la vieclaire / proverbe sur la vie / Phrase d amour sur lavie / citation2018 / ce la vie / citation amitié 2018 / sms sur lavie 2018 /proverbes sur la vie / phrase de motivation / citation damour 2018/ citation de motivation sur la vie / phrase la vie 2018/ poemesur la vie / dicton de la vie❤ ❤ ❤ Les fonctionnalités ❤ ❤❤⇨Plusde 100 citations sur la vie ⇨ Une fois que tu as téléchargélescitations tu peux les consulter même sans avoir Internet!⇨Aperçude toutes les citations en un coup d'oeil⇨ Tes phrasesfavoritessont sauvegardées dans tes favoris⇨ Lire des citations auhasard⇨Chaque citation peut être partagée sur Facebook, Twitter,Whatsapp,Google+ ou par SMS/Mail⇨ Une fonction de recherche tepermet detrouver facilement une citation⇨ Propose nous tes proprescitations⇨Donne ton avis sur une citation grâce au bouton 👍Citation bellevie pour rendre votre vie plus belle / Citation de lavie pouravoir la vie claire / proverbe sur la vie / Phrase d amoursur lavie / citation 2018 / ce la vie / citation amitié 2018 / smssur lavie 2018 / proverbes sur la vie / phrase de motivation /citation damour 2018 / citation de motivation sur la vie / phrasela vie 2018/ poeme sur la vie / dicton de la vie❤ ❤ ❤ À venir ❤ ❤❤⇨Lescitations que les utilisateurs préfèrent⇨Des images avecdescitationsc'est l'applications qu(il vous faut pour etre enbonheurdans votre vie⇨Donne ton avis sur une citation grâce aubouton👍nice life quote to make your life more beautiful / Quote oflifeto have clear life / proverb about life / phrase of love life/quote 2018 / this life / quote friendship 2018 / sms on life 2018/Sayings life / phrase motivational / quote of love 2018/motivational quote on life / life sentence in 2018 / poem onthelife / life sayingnice life quote to make your life morebeautiful/ Quote of life to have clear life / proverb about life /phrase oflove life / quote 2018 / this life / quote friendship 2018/ sms onlife 2018 / Sayings life / phrase motivational / quote oflove 2018/ motivational quote on life / life sentence in 2018 /poem on thelife / life sayingThe quote, phrase and proverb anddiction of thelife and well being in FRENCH !!! life !!nice lifequote to makeyour life more beautiful / Quote of life to have clearlife /proverb about life / phrase of love life / quote 2018 / thislife /quote friendship 2018 / sms on life 2018 / Sayings life /phrasemotivational / quote of love 2018 / motivational quote onlife /life sentence 2018 / poem on the life / life saying+Beautiful Life^ _ ^To stay ALWAYS happiness in your life !!!-Quotes on Life-POSITIVE sentences of life- life quote- Quotes tofeel good-Phrases found happiness in life- Quote SUCCESS in life-Quotesabout LIFE- Quotes about happiness in WORK-phraseshappinessnicelife quote to make your life more beautiful / Quote oflife to haveclear life / proverb about life / phrase of love life /quote 2018/ this life / quote friendship 2018 / sms on life 2018 /Sayingslife / phrase motivational / quote of love 2018 /motivationalquote on life / life sentence in 2018 / poem on thelife / lifesaying+ quotes+ dictionsLife + co You can shareeach quotewith the person you want with one click. You can send aquote bySMS, email or on social networks (Facebook, Whatsapp,Twitter,Google+).nice life quote to make your life more beautiful /Quoteof life to have clear life / proverb about life / phrase oflovelife / quote 2018 / this life / quote friendship 2018 / sms onlife2018 / Sayings life / phrase motivational / quote of love 2018/motivational quote on life / life sentence in 2018 / poem onthelife / life saying❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Features⇨Plus 100 quotes onlife⇨Once you have downloaded the citations you can view thesamewithout the Internet!⇨Aperçu of all citations in a glance⇨Yourfavorite phrases are saved in your Favorites⇨ Read quotesrandomly⇨Each citation can be shared on Facebook, Twitter,Whatsapp, Google+or SMS / Mail⇨ A search function allows you toeasily find a quote⇨Propose us your own quotes⇨Donne you thinkabout a quote with thebutton 👍nice life quote to make your lifemore beautiful / Quote oflife to have clear life / proverb aboutlife / phrase of love life/ quote 2018 / this life / quotefriendship 2018 / sms on life 2018/ Sayings life / phrasemotivational / quote of love 2018 /motivational quote on life /life sentence in 2018 / poem on thelife / life saying❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤Coming⇨ The quotes that usersprefer⇨Des pictures with quotesit isthe application that (you needto be in happiness in your life⇨Donneyou think about a quote withthe button 👍
Learn English Vocabulary & Sayings- Sayings Master 0.9.3
Learn English sayings for free as you play Sayings Master.SayingsMaster is a fun and educational game of English sayingsandproverbs for students and native speakers of the mostinternationallanguage of all, English, that seek to practiceEnglish in anentertaining and simple way. Learning English is noweasier andmore fun than ever, regardless of your level: if you havea basiclevel or if you are the head of the English Department at atopschool, Sayings Master will help you learn while you have agoodtime. How to play? It’s easy, the game consists of puttingthescrambled words in order to form a correct saying. If you makeamistake and click the English word in the incorrect order, thereisa time penalty. Once you have completed the sentence, youwillreceive a score based on how fast you were and your totalnumber oferrors. You can share your knowledge and compete withother playersworldwide or with your friends thanks to onlinemultiplayer mode.Are you learning English and you want to improveyour skills?Sayings Master will provide you with interestinginsight into thefolklore and popular values of the Englishlanguage, while youlearn new English vocabulary and grammar. Areyou a pure-bloodedEnglish speaker? Prove it in Competition mode.Sayings Master is agame designed and developed completely byeducators to helpstudents overcome one of the major challenges whenlearningEnglish, correct word order. With more than 1000 sayingsandproverbs, Sayings Master is a challenge for everyone,frombeginners to the most seasoned English language communicators.Doyou want to test your knowledge of popular English sayings? Doyouhave what it takes to be the next Sayings Master?
Life Proverbs and Sayings 1.4
A saying is a usually a short, clever expression thatcontainsadvice or expresses of some obvious truth. These sayingsare alsocalled proverbs. In other words, proverbs are wise sayingsbased onthe practical experiences of different kinds and can mostlybe usedindependently to explain a situation in very few words.LifeProverbs and Sayings provides you only with the very bestenglishproverbs with meanings in detail. Browse through a varietyof onlythe best and most useful proverbs with meanings in everydaylife.App Highlights: • 100% Free Download • Compatible with 99%ofsmartphones worldwide • Requires only small space on device•Beautiful HD theme that emphasizes on the text • Very userfriendlyas it is very easy to select, scroll and navigate LifeProverbs andSayings contains 8 collections of inspirational, wise,life lessonproverbs and sayings with meanings. These proverbs areexclusivelycomprised in 8 collections for our user's easenavigating throughthe app. Life Proverbs and Sayings brings you theultimatecollection of Proverbs, Idioms & Quotes that can helpyousignificantly in your writing and essay writing, helping youmake alasting impression. These proverbs and meanings are simpleandconcrete sayings, but are among the most useful andpopularproverbs that can help you in bringing color into yourwriting andteaching life lessons in general. As we already know,proverbs andsayings are short statements of wisdom or advice thataretransmitted from generation to generation and have passedintogeneral use. While some proverbs and sayings express a basictruthor practical precept, some are also based on common senseorcultural experience that comes with a bit of humor. Wiselifelesson in the short but intensive sentences. Read on the wayhome,during study, or just anytime you want and allow thesegreatsayings folk wisdom raise your consciousness to a newlevel.Well-aimed, handy and commodious sayings to help you enrichyourthinking. The Life Proverbs and Sayings app is contains sayingsandtheir meanings including, love sayings, friendship sayings,shortsayings, popular sayings, and more. Also, these proverbs areall inEnglish so it will be very easy to use. The many Englishproverbscomprised in our app comes with detail meanings, making itperfectfor those looking for proverbs and meanings and lessons inlifequotes. The many proverbs contained in this app includes: •absencemakes the heart grow fonder • kill two birds with one stone•honesty is the best policy • the pen is mightier than the sword•out of sight, out of mind It is always good to know thereallycommon and useful proverbs and their meanings because we hearthemcome up in conversation all the time. Proverbs can also helpyou tounderstand how some people think about the world and bemeaningfullessons in life quotes for all. We hope the many proverbsandmeanings in our app will you help reflect and meditate onyourdaily life, emphasizing happiness, life, friendship, and love.Thatit will help you to become more aware of your actions and getthemost out of life, living it to the fullest. We will certainlyaddmore life proverbs and sayings in the future so stay tuned. Ifyoulike this app and find it useful, feel free to rate and leaveyourthoughts and opinions! Thank you!
Tamil Proverbs தமிழ் பழமொழிகள் 2.3
* Daily a proverb makes you to be an ideal person of thesociety!*Because Tamil Proverbs are the short form of popularsayings,usually of unknown and an ancient origin. * We intend tospreadthese useful thoughts i.e. Tamil Proverbs to enhance thevalue ofhumanity and to widen the significance of tamil language.*In ourapp, notably you can share the tamil proverbs in tamilversion toother social media networks like Google +, WhatsAppMessenger &Facebook.The special aspects of our app:* More than1500 preciousproverbs.* Proverbs on variety of categories* Tamilproverbs withtheir relevant English meaning.* Easy to share it inany othersocial media networks in tamil version.
Best Quotes,Status & Sayings 1.8.2
Read and share the best quotes,status and sayings whicharecategorized in 20 hot categories. This application isfullcollection of motivated,deep,inspiring, quotes,status andsayings.Grab this beautiful quotes and sayings app completelyfree.FEATURES OF Quotes,Status & Sayings APP : ✔ Allquotes,statuses and sayings are free ✔ Works offline ✔ EasyNavigation,10Quotes display at a time. ✔ 30+ categories ✔ You cancopyquotes,status and sayings on your clipboard ✔ You cansharequotes,status and saying via WhatsApp, Messenger,Facebook,InstagramE-mail, or other chat apps ✔ The AllQuotes,Status andSayings are very carefully selected to inspire youand yourfriends. Categories are : ✔ Life Quotes and Sayings ✔Change Quotesand Sayings ✔ Happiness Quotes and Sayings ✔Relationship Quotesand Sayings ✔ Life Lessons Quotes and Sayings ✔Experience Quotesand Sayings ✔ Moving forward Quotes and Sayings ✔Advice Quotes andSayings ✔ Wisdom Quotes and Sayings ✔ SuccessQuotes and Sayings ✔Fake friends Quotes and Sayings ✔ True FriendsQuotes and Sayings ✔Respect Quotes and Sayings ✔ ResponsibilityQuotes and Sayings ✔Value Quotes and Sayings ✔ Mistakes Quotes andSayings ✔ AttitudeQuotes and Sayings ✔ Love Quotes and Sayings ✔Some Times Quotesand Sayings ✔ Keeping It Real Quotes and Sayings ✔EncouragingQuotes and Sayings ✔ Two Faced People Quotes and Sayings✔ ActionQuotes and Sayings ✔Worth Quotes and Sayings ✔ Meaning ofLifeQuotes and Sayings ✔Motivational Quotes and Sayings ✔RealPeopleQuotes and Sayings ✔Being nervous Quotes and Sayings ✔FaithQuotesand Sayings ✔Inspirational Quotes and Sayings Share thesewisewords, motivational thoughts, life lessons, inspiring wordswithyour friends and family members to help them & motivatethem.
Frases de amor, conquista e muito mais 2647 v6
Ertofra PT
Frases bonitas para compartilhar bom dia, boa noite, Natal,AnoNovo, Dia das Mães, citações famosas e motivação Descubra osmaisbelos pensamentos de amor, cantadas, versos e provérbios deamor oumensagens para dizer "eu te amo" para seu amado ou amada, oufazerum elogio a seu namorado ou namorada, para fazer essa meninaourapaz que você gosta ou tem um fraquinho fazer se apaixonarporvocê ou fazer rir. Baixe gratuitamente as melhores palavras deamorem Português para compartilhar. Pode enviar às pessoas quevocêgosta mais e dizer como você as ama. Surpreenda seu parceirocomcitações de amor românticas com encantadoras fotos e mensagensdeamor legais. Características: • As citações mais especiaiseromânticas do mundo ditas por autores famosos estãonesteaplicativo. • Se você quer surpreender seu parceiro envieumadestas frases sobre amor • Também vai encontrar nesta coleçãodecitações as palavras mais originais e românticas paraconquistar,elogiar e fazer aquela pessoa se apaixonar por você. •Se vocêgostou deste aplicativo classifique-o, por favor, porqueassimajuda a melhorá-los. Obrigado! Fotos com citações deamorinteressantes e provérbios sobre a vida, para pensarpositivamentee incentivar e motivar todo o mundo. Frases pararefletir e pensarem ideias e ter pensamentos positivos sobre avida. Um aplicativorápido e fácil de usar e sempre lá quandonecessário. Procure asfrases com o scroll passando seu dedo, vocêpode compartilhar aimagem, salvar nos favoritos e desfrutar de suascitações favoritasa qualquer hora, também escolher as mensagensmais adequadas paracada momento da sua vida. Salve na galeria deimagens do seucelular ao clicar no botão salvar. NOTA LEGAL: Todasas imagensdeste aplicativo foram feitas deliberadamente para omesmo e todosos direitos referentes às mesmas são reservados. Paraas imagens defundo, são usadas imagens de domínio público dainternet, uma vezque não estão identificadas por símbolos ou outrasinformações queindiquem a existência de direitos de exploraçãoreservados sobre amesma. Outras foram concebidas pela empresa.Qualquer pessoasingular ou coletiva que seja proprietária dequalquer imagem nelacontida, pode credita-la via e-mail para odesenvolvedor,comprometendo-nos a retirar de imediato a imagem apósaverificação, se necessário, da propriedade da imagemprotegida.Beautiful phrases to share good morning, good night,Christmas, NewYear, Mother's Day, famous quotes and motivationDiscover the mostbeautiful thoughts of love, sung, verses andproverbs of love ormessages to say "I love you" to your beloved orbeloved, or give acompliment to your boyfriend or girlfriend, tomake this girl orboy you like or has a weakness make you fall inlove with you ormake you laugh. Download free the best love wordsin Portuguese toshare. You can send it to the people you love themost and say howyou love them. Surprise your partner with romanticlove quotes withlovely pictures and cool love messages. Features: •The mostspecial and romantic quotes from the world by famousauthors are inthis application. • If you want to surprise yourpartner send oneof these sentences about love • You will also findin thiscollection of quotations the most original and romanticwords towin, praise and make that person fall in love with you. •If youliked this app please rate it because it helps to improve it.Thankyou! Photos with interesting love quotes and proverbs aboutlife,to think positively and encourage and motivate everyone.Phrases toreflect and think of ideas and have positive thoughtsabout life. Aquick and easy to use application and always therewhen needed.Browse the phrases with the scroll by passing yourfinger, you canshare the image, save in favorites and enjoy yourfavorite quotesanytime, also choose the most appropriate messagesfor each momentof your life. Save to your mobile picture gallery byclicking thesave button. LEGAL NOTICE: All images in thisapplication have beenmade deliberately to the same and all rightsrelating to them arereserved. For background images, images fromthe public domain ofthe internet are used, as they are notidentified by symbols orother information that indicates theexistence of reserved rightsof exploitation on the same. Otherswere designed by the company.Any natural or legal person who ownsany image contained thereinmay credit it via email to thedeveloper, committing us toimmediately remove the image afterverifying, if necessary, theownership of the protected image.
Wise Man Sayings
Many famous people around the world provides a gem of a wisesaying.When you happy, lonely life of hope that wise saying! Youare nevertoo old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. "cslewis" wisesaying this precious one line - if get you hope~Developers can feelit rewarding Thank you. Functional Description- inspirational andmotivational quotes -provide more then 1500wisdom quotes /wisesaying - Random wise saying , My wise saying ,Scraps, sayingsClassifieds full view, search, Wisw saying to add,delete , andvoice search function - My wise saying ( my own wisesaying ) , wisesaying to add, modify , delete, search, backup feat, scrap function- Save quotes as favorites - Share quotes to yourfriend via socialmedia and email -Hear everyday wisdom quotes viavoice - Clip artstores , mail , text , Facebook, Twitter, etc. canshare with yourfriends wise saying Post - Filter (love, Life,success, time,effort, hope, challenge, confidence, art, learning,reading,friendship, humility, honor, health, happiness, couplesayings) toview support -saying a wise words is a art ,and artnever die -Various configuration functions.
Best African Proverbs 1.0
English proverbs and values are the most incredible quotes forall.Not only proverbs that focus on all part of life, also thebestways to get anything to be a real and also motivate you.Thisapplication gives you Ancient African Proverbs About Love ThatWillMake You Rethink. It includes love quotes and lovestories.AfricanProverbs are usually thought of as having areligious origin orundertone but by definition proverbs are "ashort popular saying,usually of unknown and ancient origin.Thoughtfully expressing acommon and universal truth". This modernapp will give you Africanproverbs that will bring wisdom to yourlife. African Proverbs andProverbial Wisdom are very easy to beshared to all part of yourfamily and friends. These little nuggetsof wisdom have beenrepeated by many different cultures around theworld in variousways. After years of researching and gatheringquotations andproverbs for you as well as motivation material formy sales force,we have compiled an extraordinary amount of wisdomon varioussubjects and purposes. These proverbs from old andancient africanwere especially motivational, shedding insight intothe humanthought process's as well as human nature itself. AfricanProverbs- Inspirational Words of Wisdom, proverb and theirmeaning.Africa's proverb of the day is included in this simpleapps.Thegreat african philosopher, statesman, scientist, orator,&author. We have motivational quotes from proverbs that willguideyour life. This application has African Proverbs That'll TeachYouSome Valuable Life Lessons in bussiness, life, love, friendshipandalso time. we collect African Proverbs, Sayings and Storiesfromnigerian, Algeria and Angola.African Proverb It's very easy togetcaught up with trends or to go with the crowd. This isespeciallytrue when you're young, when you don't have a good senseof who youare and lack direction. Trends and crowds are very fickleandalways late to new opportunities. It would be wise to firstfigureout your dreams and passions before departing towardsadestination. Once you know your direction and path, everythingelsebecomes clear. Top Famous African Wise Proverbs and QuotesAboutLife, Rich quote and great examples for your inspirationalquotes.Best African Proverbs is an app which the great of Africanproverbsin a contemporary style. Enjoy this thought provoking,poetic andhumorous African proverbs. This applicatio will inspireyou, makeyou laugh and bring a smile to your face. You will findsome quotefrom Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia which islikeAfrican Proverbs Every Entrepreneur Can Use ForInspiration.english proverb and meaning are very popular. Here, wehavedifferent ways in sharing some quotes especially from african.Itis free download!Looking for way to get inspired and motivatedinyour life? With our powerful daily quotes, we can assure youthatit will make you feel amazing always and achieve you goalandgetting better life.
Les Beaux Proverbes Africains 1.7
Les Beaux Proverbes Africains regroupe plus que 1100 descitationsles plus célèbres d’Afrique issues de livres, paroles,discours,...Ces proverbes africains sont classés par thématique,plein desagesse, de vérité et source de bon sens et decompréhension de lavie L'application vous permet de partager avecvos amis et ajouteraux favoris vos proverbes préférés.Avis :Avantde télécharger cetteapplication veuillez notez qu'elle contient dela publicité étantle seul moyen de financer le développement.FineProverbs Africansincludes more than 1100 of the most famous quotesof Africa frombooks, lyrics, speeches, ...These African proverbsare classifiedby theme, full of wisdom, truth and source of commonsense andunderstanding of lifeThe application allows you to sharewith yourfriends and add to your this application please notethat it containsadvertising is the only way to finance development.
Native American proverbs 1.2
Radiance App
Discover only the best and most famous Native American(apache,blackfoot, cherokee, cheyenne, iroquois...) proverbs andquotes!Enjoy this simple and nice app :+ Hundred of hand-pickedNativeAmerican proverbs+ Great design+ Share your favorites factswithyour friends+ Frequent updates+ Work with both smartphonesandtabletsEnjoy and have fun !
Wise Quotes 4.0.0
Nerd Pig
Find inspirational wise quotes, learn from it and share toyourfriends. This is app contains tons of great famous wise quotesfromgreat people like Buddha, Confucius, Aristotle, etc.Thesearewisdom saying that teach you about life, success,family,friendship, love, etc. This is not only for yourself, youcan sharethem to your friends easily by clicking share button. ThisApp iseasy to use and have a clean user interface. Right now wehave morethan 300 wise quotes but they will be more because we willupdateit timely. You can switch between 2 views (summary view andsinglequote view). Summary view shows multiple quotes in list.Singlequote view shows only 1 quote in a screen. So you can choosewhichview to see freely. Since there are many wise quotes, youcansearch them easily with the search functionality. You can alsosaveyour favorite quotes easily and then you can read it later. Letmesummarize all great features: - At the beginning, we have morethan300 wisdom quotes but we will add more and more on timelybasis. -Clean user interface - 2 Views mode : You can select toview inlist or single view easily by clicking 1 button. -Searchfunctionality - Save quotes as favorites - Share quotes toyourfriend via social media and email - Great support &continuousimprovement. We are welcome to all of your feedback.Please feelfree to let me know your thought or any issue you see.We will workon that as soon as possible. You can email to [email protected] or just go to website
Proverbs and Sayings 2.0
Proverbs are the lamps to words and good sayings are likepearlsstrung together. So make your language more polished withgoodsayings. A saying is a short, clever expression thatusuallycontains advice or expresses some obvious truth. Thesesayings arecalled "proverbs". Proverbs are wise sayings in alanguage based onthe practical experiences of different kinds. Theycan mostly beused independently to explain a situation in very fewwords. Thisapp contains the collection of inspirational, wise, andhumorousproverbs and sayings with meanings. - Alphabetic andcategory wiseproverbs. - Easy sharing. - Easy searching. - You canlist out yourfavorite proverbs. - You can add/edit your proverb.
100000+ Quotes about Life and Love 2.5
10000+ quotes and sayings about life and love with pictureswithlatest updates for 2019. Lots of Status Messages and Proverbs.Getinspired everyday with famous quotes about life,love,relationships, motivation, friendship, success, humor, funnyandmany more. Spread the love; Go social with easy share optionformessages. What’s more: • Best quotes and sayingscarefullyhandpicked. • Beautiful widget for home screen and anawesome UI. •Picture quotes and sayings. • Daily updates for widgetandnotification bar. • Browse, search and filter quotes by authorandcategory. • Quote of the day. • Sharing with friends is justaclick away. • Proverbs and Wise Words from over 200 countriesfordaily motivation. So, what are you waiting for. Downloadthebrilliant app and get inspired in life!!!
Best Quotes,status & Sayings 4.83
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Quotes and Status app is a collection of over 3000 handpickedquotes from more than 200 people. It contains sayingsfromphilosophers, writers, spiritual thinkers and other greatmindswhose brilliant words inspired many human beings. Read itforyourself, download it now and get Motivated every day!Bestcollection of wallpapers, quotes and stories. Find therightmotivation through quotes from leaders. Great motivatingandinspiring stories. Good quality wallpapers for your homescreen,save them for further use. FEATURES OF Quotes,Status &SayingsAPP : ✔ All quotes, statuses and sayings are free ✔ Worksoffline ✔Easy Navigation,10 Quotes display at a time. ✔ 20+categories ✔ Youcan copy quotes,status and sayings on yourclipboard ✔ You canshare quotes,status and saying via WhatsApp,Messenger, Facebook,E-mail, or other chat apps ✔ The AllQuotes,Status and Sayings arevery carefully selected to inspire youand your friends. Categoriesare : ✔ Life Quotes and Sayings ✔Change Quotes and Sayings ✔Happiness Quotes and Sayings ✔Relationship Quotes and Sayings ✔Life Lessons Quotes and Sayings ✔Experience Quotes and Sayings ✔Moving forward Quotes and Sayings ✔Advice Quotes and Sayings ✔Wisdom Quotes and Sayings ✔ SuccessQuotes and Sayings ✔ Fakefriends Quotes and Sayings ✔ True FriendsQuotes and Sayings ✔Respect Quotes and Sayings ✔ ResponsibilityQuotes and Sayings ✔Value Quotes and Sayings ✔ Mistakes Quotes andSayings ✔ AttitudeQuotes and Sayings ✔ Love Quotes and Sayings ✔Some Times Quotesand Sayings ✔ Keeping It Real Quotes and Sayings ✔EncouragingQuotes and Sayings ✔ Two Faced People Quotes and SayingsSharethese wise words, motivational thoughts, lifelessons,inspiringwords with your friends and family members to helpthem, motivatethem. Amazing Status", "Angry Status", "AnniversaryStatus","Attitude Status", "Birthday Status", "Break up Status","BrokenHeart Status", "Clever Status", "Crazy Status", "CreativeStatus","Crush Status", "Cute Status", "Daring Status", "DecentStatus","Emotional Status", "Engagement Status", "Exam Status","FlirtStatus", "Food Status", "Friendship Status", "Good LuckStatus","Good Morning Status", "Good Night Status", "Hello Status","KissStatus", "Life Status", "Like If Status", "Love Status","Man'sStatus", "Missing You Status", "Motivational Status","NiceStatus", "Relationships status", "Rude Status", "SadStatus","School Status", "Selfish Status", "Sweet Status", "UniqueStatus","Wise Status", "Women's Status", "Best Status", "DirtyStatus","Funny Status", "New Latest Status", "Naughty Status", "NewYear","Pickup Status", "Romantic Status", "Sorry Status","ValentineStatus", "Wife Status", "Hilarious Status", "FacebookStatus","Wedding Status", "I Love You Status", "Get Well Soon","FamousStatus", "April Fool", "Boss Status", "Christmas Status","DirtyStatus", "Diwali Status", "Easter Status", "EidStatus","Independence Day Status", "Condolence Status", "JokesStatus","Pregnancy Status", "Ideas Status", "Quotes Status","WishesStatus", "Fathers Day Status", "Music Status", "Girls andBoysStatus", "Good Status", "Truth Status , Holi Status, InsultStatus,Islam Status, Kids Status,Kiss Status,Mothers Day Status","SisterStatus", "Teacher Status", "Thanking You Status", OtherStatusquotes for life","best quotes","awesomequotes","attitudequote","motivational status""inspirationalstatus""heart brokenstatus""alone status""sad status""facebookstatus""facebook profilestatus""WhatsApp profile""twitterstatus""trust status""trustquotes""happy tatus""sad quotes""funnystatus""funny examsstatus","Status and Quotes","your quote","2018quotes,"lateststatus',,"gf- bf status","dailyquotes",""Quotes","quotesdaily","quotes of the day","2018 new yearstatus","happy new year2018","new year","2018 newyear","affirmations","positiveaffirmations","music quotes","quoteswith music",dailyquotes","quote of the day",2018 quotes
Life Quotes & Sayings Book 1.4
Inspire and be inspired. Motivation is the core of allaction.Whether a person succeeds, fails or leads depends uponthisvariable. These Best quotes are for a variety of occasions:shedlight, help keep perspective, inspire, motivate or energize. Wetryto be selective in picking quotes, including only those quotesthatare meaningful, challenging, inspiring or interesting.Thousands ofinspiring quotes organized in different categories andauthors.Quotes Book is a collection of quotes that belongs tovariousfamiliar personalities. All that you need to express or sendthatyou feel about the quotes, you get it here. This applicationiseasy to handle and a quickie too. You just select the categorythena list of quotes falls on your phone screen select your quote,tapon it and you will get the options to send it. Select that youwantand here you go. These are the Best Life Quotes For you.... Yesitsspecially for You :) This pro version of application is freeforlimited time. Key features: * Easy toexplorecategories/authors/quotes. * Browse quotes and mark quoteasfavorite and quickly browse quotes through the favorites. *Quicksharing feature that enables to share quotes viasms,Facebook,Twitter and other sharing apps. * Thousands ofinspirationquotes from famous personalities and authors.
Proverbes Arabes En Français 1.17
Proverbes Arabes En Français regroupe un ensemble de proverbesetcitations arabes célèbres en langue Française. -Plusieursproverbes et citations d'amour, motivation, sagesse,philosophie,humour, bonheur... - Contenu 100% en Français. - Facileà lire -Copier et partager vos proverbes favoris avec vos amissurFacebook, Twitter... - Mises à jour fréquentes Les paysreprésentés: Egypte, Algérie, Maroc, Tunisie, Syrie, Liban etd'autres paysarabes africains d'Afrique du nord et asiatiques dumoyen-orient.Amusez-vous et découvrez maintenant la culture arabeet de l'Islamà travers les proverbes arabes et les dictons.Proverbs Arabs inFrench is a collection of proverbs and famousquotations in ArabicFrench language. - Several proverbs and quotesof love, motivation,wisdom, philosophy, humor, happiness ... -Content 100% in French.- Easy to read - Copy and share yourfavorites sayings with friendson Facebook, Twitter ... - FrequentUpdates Countries represented:Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia,Syria, Lebanon and other AfricanArab countries of North Africa andthe middle east Asian. Have funnow and discover Arab culture andIslam through Arab proverbs andsayings.
প্রবাদ বাক্য (Bengali Proverb) 1.0
প্রবাদ বাক্য (Bengali & English Proverb) (offlineapplication)is an official app of for learningEnglish andBengali proverbs.This app provides best collection offavorite andregularly saying proverbs for English and Bengalispeakers. One canenhance the skill of speaking by uttering theseproverbs. By sayingproverbs, anyone can easily attract theattention of others.জনপ্রিয়ও বহুল ব্যবহৃত প্রবাদ বাক্যের সংকলন ।Advantages of thisApplication: - Helps to learn English and Bengaliproverbs. -Enhance speaking skill and attract others’ attentioneasily. -Helps to explain a situation in a few words. - Helpfulforadmission test, job interviews etc. - Helpful forBCSpreparation.Features:- Most accurate English & Banglaproverbsapp.- English to Bengali proverbs view.- Bengali toEnglishproverbs view.- Only Bengali proverbs view.- Short List offavoriteproverbs.- Proverb searching option.- Browse Proverb byEnglish orBengali Alphabets- Easy Social MediaSharing.Visit for more proverbsonline.Don't forgetto rate 5 star. Also give your valuable commentsand recommend forproverbs.Tags: Bangla Probad, Bengali Proverb App,English toBengali Probad App, Benglali to English Proverb App.
Quotes Book Free 2.0
"Quotes Book Free" contains more than 400 hand-selectedwise,motivational and inspirational quotations. Only quality,notquantity!In this application you'll find wise quotations,thoughtsand sayings of people of different ages, from theancientphilosophers to the modern authors.Application containswidget,which shows quote of the day on your home screen."QuotesBook Free"features:1. Horisontal or vertical listing;2. Randomquote mode;3.Author and key word selection;4. Quotations copy/sharefunction;5.You can mark quotation as favourite or delete to recyclebin.6. Youcan switch color and make different screen color toeveryquotation.7. You can install the widget on your home screen.Newquotation every day on your desktop; or press at widgetandchange.8. You can set up filter of widget quotations (bykeywords,by color).9. You can add quotations manually at 'Myquotes'section and edit key words.10. Not require access totheInternet.For questions, comments and requests, go tothemailbox.Sincerely, TolixSoft.
Happiness Quotes with Images 2.6
A Great Free Android App with collection of Happiness Quotesimagesbest sayings and Proverbs. We have compiled a big collectionofbeautiful pictures with amazing messages and lessonsabouthappiness and unhappiness. Some of the categories ofquotationsare: • Inspirational • Wise • Funny and sad • Happiness •Beinghappy • Contentment • Unhappiness in life • Attitude You cansharethese quotes the same way as you share photos on your socialmedianetworking websites such as Facebook Linkedin PinterestInstagramand twitter etc. You can also save these quotes picturesto yourMobile phone storage or share via Bluetooth and emails etcor canshare through chat massagers such as WhatsApp and Snapchatetc.Happiness is a great thing to share. Start tapping and spreadthehappiness.
Family Quotes & Sayings Images 2.7
The collection of best family quotes images beautifulsayingsPictures and inspirational, wise and funny quotations onfamiliesand family life. It is important to love your family. Inthe quotessaying and proverbs compilation of DRPU app you will findstrongfamily quotes to help express your deepest sentiments forsome ofyour closest and most beloved people in this world. Some oftheCategories of Topics include: * Lessons learnt from Family*Inspirational and motivational * Wise funny sad and humorousoldFamily quotes * Family sayings and motivations * Missing FamilyandFamily members * Family proverbs etc * Family Quotes PicturesYoucan share these Quotes photos images and Inspirational picturesonany social media website such as Facebook Tumblr PinterestTwitterand instagram etc. you can also share it on whatsApp andBluetoothetc or you can just save these images to your mobilephone.
Quotes” Pro 2.5.2
Skol Games LLC
#1 Quotes & Pics app! 1000's of the best quotes! Getinspired,use as wallpapers, share with friends!• Famous Quotes!•Inspire,Love Life!• Browse Gallery by Category!• Tag FavoriteQuotes andSayings!& No Ads!Famous, Inspiration, Success, Love,Life,Advice, Funny, Friendship, Hope its all in our app!Inspiringquotes and sayings! Enjoy our HD quotes gallery and saveas wpwallpapers!Want to remove links & photos from ourdirectory?Contact [email protected] and send us yourweb page andphoto links.By downloading this app you are agreeing toour termsof service which can be foundat
English Guess The Phrase 1.22
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How many proverbs and idioms you have learned and memorized justbyreading them boringly until you are knocked out? Play EnglishGuessthe Phrase, a classic Hangman game that will broaden yourknowledgein proverbs and idioms in a fun way! More knowledge withEnglishphrases will help a lot for you to understand onEnglishliterature/movies you read/watch! =) ☆Feature Highlights☆ -Meaningprovided on all phrases for your hint on guessing and foryou tounderstand English better! - Proverbs and Idioms categorythatcontains more than 1500 phrases to guess. - Idioms category hasanadditional feature that will provide an example of the idiom useinnormal sentence after solving the puzzle. - Perfect way to passthetime while gaining your proverbs/idioms knowledge. -Difficultysettings provided to adjust the number of retries and tomatch withyour playing style. - Google Achievements to challengeyou more!You can click the achievement icon from the main screen tosee yourachievements. - You can also check your game progress byclickingthe "Stats" button from Options screen to see if you arenearingthe achievement's requirements. Download English Guess thePhrasefor free and sharpen your phrases knowledge now!
Quotes and Wise Words 1.6
Class V
Wise Words and Quotes provides a wealth of famous quotesandquotations with a simple, elegant interface. More than 3000handselected quotations categorized by both subject andauthors.Features include favorites, shuffle, sharing, authorinformation(via Wikipedia), configurable backgrounds, font size,colors andmore. I hope my work will brighten your day! Enjoy.
Arabic Popular Sayings Stories 1.4
ismail wahdan
- The application contains a group of Arab proverbsIncludesstories. - No need for Internet connection. - Small sizeand can bedownloaded through 3G. - If you like the app please rateit andshare it with friends and leave a comment. - You can contactus ifyou have any comments.
All Status Messages & Quotes 3.0
All Status Messages & Quotes free android app is theamazingcollection of all type status and oneliners of all natureand moodsand of following types: * Status * Quotes * Proverbs * Oneliners *Greetings * Wishes * Messages * Sayings * Test SMS Quotesandstatuses have been compiled from all occasions moods andsituationof life that you may need to post to express yourself withyourfriends family or social connections. The name of Categoriesare: *Advice * Amazing * Angry * Anniversary * Annoying * AprilFool *Attitude * Be Yourself * Beautiful status * Best Friends *Birthday* Breakup * Broken Heart * Cheating * Christmas * Clever *Coolstatus * Crazy Status * Creative Status * Crush * Cute * Decent*Dirty * Emotional * Engagement * Exams * Experience * Facebook*Flirt * Food * Friendship * Funny * Girls and Boys * Good Luck*Good Morning * Good night * Hello * Insult * Karma * Kindness*Kiss * Life * Long Distance * Loneliness * Lost Love * Love * Men*Miss You * Motivation * Move On * Naughty * Nice Status *Oneliners* Proverbs * Relationship * Romance * Rude * Sad *Seduction *Smile * Sometimes * Sorry * Sweet Status * Tears * TopQuotes * TopStatus * True Love * Wise * Women It just takes asingle tap andyou can post these quotes to any social media websitesuch asFacebook twitter Instagram LinkedIn or chat client such aswhatsappsnapchat hike as image or text status as per your choice.You canalso copy paste these status and quotes or download as imagetoyour mobile phone memory or SD Card of your cell phone. Goahead,awesomeness is just few steps away.
11000 Quotes, Sayings & Status - Images Collection 6.7
Read, share and save over 11,000+ quotes by famous people,sayingsand status in over 300+ categories for free. Setting a goodstatusreceives an increase in likes on your wall posts andreadinginspirational quotes on a regular basis can help a personbecomemore successful, and lead a happier, more fulfilling life. Ifyouare looking for a nice, inspiring and amazing collection ofquotes,sayings and status, your search ends here! You can choosefromthousands of great quotes. Grab a never-ending supply offreemotivational & inspirational quotes! FEATURES OF 11000QUOTES,SAYINGS AND STATUS ARE: ✓ Get inspirational &motivationalquotes, sayings and statuses for free ✓ This app worksoffline whenyou are not connected to your WiFi ✓ Easily browse fromwith ourhuge collection of 11,000 quotes in 300+ topics ✓ You cansharequotes with images via WhatsApp, facebook, E-mail, Text orotherchat apps ✓ You can Select and Add quotes to 'favorites'sectionfor sending them later ✓ You can get a 'Quote of theday'notification everyday ✓ The Quotes are carefully selectedtoinspire you and your friends/family ✓ Easily find captionsforphotos and post it on all social media platforms Quotes,sayings& statuses categories: - Ability sayings - AbrahamLincoln -Great author quotes - Action quotes and sayings - Advice -AlbertEinstein - Great author quotes - Quotes on Alcohol - QuotesonAmbition - Quotes on Anger - Anniversary Status & quotes-Apology messages - Quotes on Attitude - Barack Obama - Greatauthorquotes - Sayings on 'Be Yourself' - Quotes on Beauty -Lovemessages - Sayings on Belief - Best Friend quotes & sayings-Best Friends Forever quotes - Bible sayings & messages-Birthday messages - Quotes on Blessings - Quotes for Boyfriend-Buddha quotes & sayings - Christmas images & photos-Captions on Confidence - Quotes on Courage - Cute Friendshipphotos- Messages for Daughter - Images of Daydreaming - Quotes onDeath -Decisions - Caption about Dreams - Emotional sayings -Sayings onFashion - Fate quotes - Father's Day - Quotes on Fear -Forgivenessmessages - Freedom quotes - Friendship quotes - Funnyquotes &sayings - Goodbye images - Happiness - Hate - Honesty -Humor -Inspirational quotes & sayings - Karma - Quotes &sayingson Love - Quotes on Luck - Marriage - Money - Good Morningmessages- Good Night images - Mother's Day messages - MotivationalSayings- Positive sayings - Romantic messages - Success - ThankYoumessages - Thanksgiving messages - Trust & so much moreWhatare you waiting for? Download the free app now to get access toallthe above categories and share it with your friends, family&all special ones!
Nepali Status, Quotes, Shayari, Jokes, SMS 2018 1.0.13
Nepali Love Status, Quotes, Shayari, Jokes, SMS 2018 - app isforNepali status lovers. It contains Love Status, Quotes,Shayari,Jokes, SMS, Saying in Nepali language. Let's make nepalistatus,nepali quotes, nepali birthday sms, nepali jokes. Senddifferentnepali love status, quotes, Jokes, SMS with friends suchthat yourfriends will enjoy best Nepali status and quotes. NepaliStatus,Quotes, Shayari, Jokes, SMS 2018 is completely offline appto getlatest collection of Nepali Love Status, Shayari, Quotes,Jokes& Saying for setting as your Whatsapp status. Edit yourphotowith best Nepali Status, Quotes, Shayari, Jokes & SayingInyour Gallary. Change background of quotes pictures, fontcolor& edit your photo anytime anywhere. Make unlimited nepalilovestatus and nepali quotes picture images by changingquotesbackground and effective font style. Customize your favoriteNepalistatus, quotes, shayari, jokes, sms and share withfacebook,whatsapp, twitter, instagram and other social media.Nepali Status,Quotes, Shayari, Jokes, SMS 2018 CATEGORIES : -Nepali Status andQuotes - Nepali Love Shayari - Latest NepaliQuotes - Nepali FunnyJokes - Holi Nepali Status - Love Status inNepali - Nepali FunnyStatus & Quotes - Top Nepali Ghazal - GoodMorning Status -Nepali Romantic Status - Friendship Quotes inNepali - Sad Statusin Nepali - Inspirational Quotes In Nepali -Life Status in Nepali- Valentines Day SMS - Birthday SMS In Nepali- Facebook Status -Nepali Love SMS Shayari - Whatsapp Status -Nepali Dashain SMS -Friendship Status in Nepali - Attitude Status -Romantic SMS inNepali - Nepali Tihar SMS - Holi Nepali Status -Good Morning SMSin Nepali - Latest Nepali Quotes - InspirationalQuotes In Nepali -Life Status In Nepali - Top Nepali Ghazal - HappyNew Year WishesAPP FEATURES : ✓ Easy material user interface ✓Works on offlinemodes ✓ Make unlimited Nepali status & quotes ✓Nepali LoveStatus, Shayari and Jokes ✓ Copy to clipboard feature ✓Savepicture to internal/external storage ✓ Runtime status, quotes&saying generated ✓ Get notification on addition of latestquotes ✓Changing background of Nepali quotes pictures ✓ Getnotification onNepali status & quotes ✓ Share nepali jokes onsocial mediaDisclaimer: All the contents used in this app areavailable frominternet "as is".
Good Thoughts: Thought of the Day, Love, Positive 15.0
❝ Good thoughts is an application that offers you thousandsofincredible positive thoughts and thought of the day thatwereselected from the best phrases of all time.❞You canCREATE,DOWNLOAD and SHARE all our exclusive reflection quotes inall yoursocial networks. Absolutely FREE!Main Features of goodthoughts:🔥You can CREATE your own funds with exclusive funds fromyour owngallery.🔥 You can SAVE YOUR favorite phrases on FAVORITES.🔥You canDOWNLOAD positive thoughts whenever you want.🔥 You can EDITyoursentences with different formats.🔥 You SHARE your favoritethoughtof the day with other applications and people.🌠 Available in3languages: SPANISH, PORTUGUESE AND ENGLISH.🌠 50+ collectionsoffree extra phrases.🌠 30,000+ thoughts in english withthoughtsimages.🌠 100,000+ funds to personalize your phone.🌠 Newthoughts onteachers with reflection quotes about love every day.👑It has asimple design.👑 It is easy to use just the screen to seeall thelove thoughts.👑 Requires little space in your memory.👑 Aquicknavigation between thoughts in english.Why do you prefergoodthoughts?Because it is a complete and unique applicationthatfocuses on providing day-to-day sentences of the best qualityanddesign. In addition to finding different collections of thebestphrases among them: quick thoughts, thought wallpapers andlovethoughts. In this way, the plans choose the mostappropriatemessages for each moment or mood.What does thought ofthe day offeryou?Selected Phrases:We have selected and created allkinds of nicethoughts more emotive, in which you will also findencouragingquick thoughts, inspirational quotes and motivationalquotes.Offering you miles of phrases with images that will make youthink,reflect, motivate, fall in love, laugh, cry, it is allaboutfinding the one that best suits what you are looking for ineachmoment.Share them anytime:You SHARE all our nice thoughts withwhomyou most desire, expressing everything you feel or how you feeltoyour friends, family, a couple or couple through your phone inallsocial networks.Unlimited downloads:You can DOWNLOAD and collectinyour gallery all your favorite phrases where we offer you morethan30,000 beautiful quotes with famous quotes, plus 100,000wallpapersto personalize your phonePhrase Maker:Our application ofbestquotes about life we offer you an exclusive tool in yourlifeCREATE your own fruits and thoughts with the best backgroundsthatcan be found in the wallpapers section It's notcool!Favoritessection:You can add all the favorite karma quotes tofavorites, soyou can select the ones you like themostquickly.Multilanguage:Enjoy all the inspirational quotes aboutlifeat any time and in the available languages (SPANISH, PORTUGUESEandENGLISH).With this application you will find the ideal phraseforevery moment, you will find thousands of incredibleinspirationalwords, inspiration quotes, emotional quotes, etc.Ifyou likeinspirational thoughts do not enjoy it alone, share it withallyour friends, acquaintances and family, leave us your ratingandalso a comment as we can continue to improve to give you abetterexperience in our App.Notes Site:Alert: For some phrases,imagesand assemblies of public domain have been used, since theyare notidentified in any way that indicate the existence of rightofexploitation reserved on them.✏️ ContactUs:[email protected]
African proverbs and quotes 1.9
Radiance App
Discover only the best and most famous African proverbs andquotes!Enjoy this simple and nice app :+ Hundred of hand-pickedAfricanproverbs+ Great design+ Share your favorites facts withyourfriends+ Frequent updates+ Work with both smartphonesandtabletsFew examples :- If you are filled with pride, then youwillhave no room for wisdom- To get lost is to learn the way- Milkandhoney have different colors, but they share the samehousepeacefullyEnjoy and have fun !
Love Proverbs 2018 1.6
You want to send an inbox proverb s love seduction / love proverb/love message / shayary love your wife darling your husband, smsdlove 2018, express your love by a proverb / sentence / quotesloveand sms hello My love, texto good night my wife love, lovelettersor love phrases and even love quotes small sweet words fromyourlaptop?-PINK message / Free English message love /romanticquotes:-Enjoy a collection of several proverbs love /phrasesromantic love, romantic love message, romantic phrasesLovesromantic and also love quotes and poems, love texto for yourwife,your girlfriend, your friends, express your love and joix toyourdarling by a cute message or small words.Proverbs Love 2018 isafree application that allows you to send very sweet lovemessagesto your loving heart, and to express to him, with a messageoflove, your flame and the feelings you have towards him.Expressingyour feelings and sending a small love message in verysoft Frenchto your love has become very easy with this application,you nolonger have to write SMS for your lover, you just need toopen theapplication, Choose the message you want to send and hopIt'sdone!* Proverb of lovers* SMS you miss me* MESSAGE foryourdarling* SMS for your darling* MESSAGE kisses* Proverb i loveyou*SMS Good night* Love letter* SMS for lovers* SMS you miss me*SMSfor your darling* SMS for your darling* SMS kisses* SMS I loveyou*SMS Good night* Love notes* Love letters* Love* Lovecitation*words of love-You do not need to have an internetconnection toenjoy the best collection of love message!+ You willalso beentitled to a new SMS every day thanks to our SMS of thedayoption.+ ALSO will notify you when the SMS of the day changes.+Andfinally you will be able to store your favorite SMS by clickingonthe small LETTER A RIGHT :)-No wait, it's the applicationthatexpress your love to your LOVER: *- DO NOT HESITATE TO PUT 5 *OURAPPLICATION !!!❤ ❤ ❤ Features ❤ ❤⇨More than 170 love proverbs⇨Onceyou have downloaded the proverbs you can consult them evenwithoutInternet!⇨ Overview of all proverbs at a glance⇨ Yourfavoritetexts are saved in your favorites⇨ Read random proverbs⇨Each smscan be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+ or bySMS /Mail⇨ A search function allows you to easily find a quote⇨Proposeus your own proverbs⇨Give your opinion on a message usingthebouton button-No wait, it is the application you need toexpressyour love to your LOVER: *
Positive Attitude Image Quotes 2.5
This Free Android App is amazing collection of Image Quotesaboutattitude positive thinking and happiness to bring positivityinlife that helps you discover and save creative ideas.Positiveinspirational attitude quotes to refresh the spirit andboost theemotional and mental level by changing the inner attitudesof mindsand soul. Positive thinking is a mental and emotionalperceptionthat looks on the bright side of life and expectspositiveoutcomes. Inspirational Quotes Pictures and MotivationalThoughtsAlways pray to have eyes that see the best in people, aheart thatforgives the worst. Each Quote has been handpickedcarefully andyou can share these quotes on whatsapp Facebookinstagram etcwebsites in just single Tap. You can also email QuotesImages orDownload Picture Quotation as photo in your mobile phonestorage.
Word Saying-Idioms & Proverbs 1.0.2
Phrases, idioms, proverbs, quotes, sayings… It’s time to try anewgame mode in Word Saying! Enjoy a wonderful time in the newwordsearch puzzles! Learn more funny sayings and train yourbrainpower!Instructions:- Swipe your finger up, down, left, rightanddiagonally to clean the game boards.- Find the specifichiddenwords from mixing letters to compose sentences.- ALL LEVELSARESOLVABLE! If you get stuck in one level, try to restart orusehints.Features:- 30 amazing packs, 580 well-designed freepuzzlesfor brain training.- Challenge phrases, idioms and proverbsas youlevel up. - Test your grammar, logic, thinking and puzzlesolvingskills.- Daily mind exercise and improvement.- Search thewords andsayings with your family or friends!Download now! It'stime to dosome challenging workouts with funny sayings!
QuoteBook: Spanish Quotes 2.70
The most complete collection of quotes in Spanish!Spanish Quotesisa collection of more than 7.600 carefully selected sayingsfromphilosophers, writers, intellectuals and other great whosewordshave inspired many people around the world. I hope that thisAppmakes your day and that it becomes a source ofreflection,motivation and inspiration.• The most completecollection of Quotesin spanish!• Share and Send Quotes through SMS,WhatsApp or othersto inspire, motivate and enlight your closeones.• Post Quotes onyour Facebook wall.Attention: This app'squotes are in Spanish.
Proverbs of Naples 1.3
Discover the traditions of Italy! With this app you can listentomore 50 proverbs of Naples (20 in the free version).Thefullversion allows you to listen to all the 54 proverbs in the app.Buythe "Proverbi of Naples Key" App!Features:* 54 proverbs andsayingsto listen* Two background music (Santa Lucia, Naples)* Sharetheproverbs via email, SMS text message, social networks, etc.*Saveyour favorites* Search function* Browse page by page* App2SD*Sixcategories (Love, Advices, People, Fate, Life, Vices andVirtues)*Random choiceKeywords: Naples, Campania, Italy, proverb,sayings,phrases, italian tradition, neapolitan music
Brilliant Quotes: Life, Love, Family & Motivation 5.0.6
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Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) was a highly influential andinspiredIndian sage. Chief disciple of the 19th-century saintRamakrishna,he was a key figure in the introduction of the Indianphilosophiesof Vedanta and Yoga to the Western world and iscredited withraising interfaith awareness, bringing Hinduism to thestatus of amajor world religion during the late 19th century. Somefeatures ofSearch Results स्वामी विवेकानन्द (Swami VivekanandaQuotes) androidapp. ★ 100% Free and Offline ★ 101+ super hit quotesfrom SwamiVivekananda. ★ This app is in easy Hindi Language. ★Simple app.Works offline. No internet connection needed! ★Professionallydesigned, user-friendly and intuitive interface. ★Clear Hindi fontfor better readability. ★ Easy to use. ★ You canshare any quote tothe social sites Whatsapp, facebook, instagramand other sites.Swami Vivekananda quotes Contains the quotes aboutfollowing: 👉Quotes About Life. 👉 Quotes About Nature. 👉 QuotesAbout Time. 👉Quotes About self Motivation. 👉 Quotes About Truth.This appdescribes the following : Swami Vivekanand ke vichar,Vivekanandquotes, vivekanand ka jiven, life of vivekanand, swamiVivekanandthoughts, vivekanand speech, vivekanand yoga quotes,quotes ofvivekanand, vivekanand stories, motivational quotes, anmolvichar,vivekanand ke sufalta ke sutra, prarnadayak vichar,selfmotivation, motivational quotes in hindi, daily motivation,guru,motivation coach, vivekanand study. Want to receive latestupdateon our apps? Subscribe us at:
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★CAUTION - EXTREMELY INTERESTING AND ADDICTIVE! ★★ Awardwinningapp. - 3000 Greatest African Proverbs with audio ★★Formerly, 2901Greatest African Proverbs "Where you sit when you areold showswhere you stood in youth." "Pretend you are dead and youwill seewho really love you". "There is always a winner even in amonkey’sbeauty contest." "A proverb is the horse that can carry oneswiftlyto the discovery of ideas." African Proverbs offer wisdom,truth,life lessons, poetry and fun in just one sentence. The beautyofthese proverbs is the universality of their meaning, althoughtheyare uniquely African and help us gain an insight intoAfricanculture, everyone can relate to them in some way, on somelevel.African Proverbs with audio works offline Main Features ofAfricanProverbs with audio: ★Exactly 2,901 verified greatestAfricanproverbs with their origins and audio ★Personalize app -Changethemes, font size and style, keep screen on/off etc ★Searchforparticular African proverbs, countries/tribes, words, sentencesetc★Add and manage favorite African proverbs with audio ★ShareAfricanproverbs on twitter, SMS etc ★Continue from last Africanproverbread with offline audio ★Swipe finger across screen orpressbuttons to navigate African Proverbs with offline audioincludeNigerian proverbs, ghanaian proverbs, twi proverbs, maliproverbs,south african proverbs containing audio, kenya proverbs,uganda,zambia, togo, cote d'ivoire, liberia and many more. It'safricanproverbs and quotes and proverbs with meanings. AfricanProverbswith audio is the best proverbs app ever ★★ Don't forget toleaveus a review :-) ★★
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You have to learn for Free:Wisdom is wealth. ~ SwahiliWisdom islikea baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it. ~ AkanproverbThefool speaks, the wise man listens. ~ EthiopianproverbWisdom doesnot come overnight. ~ Somali proverbThe heart ofthe wise man liesquiet like limpid water. ~ Cameroon proverbWisdomis like fire.People take it from others. ~ Hema (DRC) proverbOnlya wise personcan solve a difficult problem. ~ AkanproverbKnowledge withoutwisdom is like water in the sand. ~Guinean proverbIn the moment ofcrisis, the wise build bridges andthe foolish build dams. ~Nigerian proverbIf you are filled withpride, then you will have noroom for wisdom. ~ African proverbAwise person will always find away. ~ Tanzanian proverbNobody isborn wise. ~ African proverb A manwho uses force is afraid ofreasoning. ~Kenyan proverbWisdom is notlike money to be tied upand hidden. ~ Akan proverbAfrican Quotes onLearningLearningexpands great souls. ~ Namibian proverbTo get lostis to learn theway. ~ African proverbBy crawling a child learns tostand. ~African proverbIf you close your eyes to facts, you willlearnthrough accidents. ~ African proverbHe who learns, teaches.~Ethiopian proverbWealth, if you use it, comes to an end;learning,if you use it, increases. ~ Swahili proverbBy tryingoften, themonkey learns to jump from the tree. ~ Buganda proverbYoualwayslearn a lot more when you lose than when you win. ~AfricanproverbYou learn how to cut down trees by cutting them down.~Bateke proverbThe wise create proverbs for fools to learn, nottorepeat. ~ African proverbWhat you help a child to love can bemoreimportant than what you help him to learn. ~African proverbBythetime the fool has learned the game, the players havedispersed.~Ashanti proverbOne who causes others misfortune alsoteaches themwisdom. ~ African proverbYou do not teach the paths ofthe forestto an old gorilla. ~Congolese proverbWhat you learn iswhat you diewith. ~ African proverbInstruction in youth is likeengraving instone. ~Moroccan ProverbWhen you follow in the path ofyour father,you learn to walk like him. ~Ashanti ProverbEars thatdo not listento advice, accompany the head when it is chopped off.~AfricanProverbAdvice is a stranger; if he’s welcome he stays forthenight; if not, he leaves the same day. ~MalagasyProverbTravelingis learning. ~Kenyan ProverbWhere there are expertsthere will beno lack of learners. ~Swahili ProverbIf you want toadd a newProverbs, write us to [email protected] Enjoy it!Is Free!!!
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Millionaire's Sayings is an eye-opening compilation of best howtoget rich quotes said by the famous and successful investorsandexperienced millionaires. So the selected quotes are practicalandinsightful and illustrate much-proven wealth buildingtechniques.These techniques are able to make an instant differencein yourfinancial and experience about life. A must have a friend inyourfinancial and wealth independence. Therefore, Don’t miss.Itisexperienced that money always brings fame with it. But how tofetchfame? To fetch the fame, it takes a lot of dedication,patience,and hard work. Most of us are inspired by the reality,dedicationsand hard work of many millionaires of the world. Socustomized yourmobile phone with the latest and best free quotes byMillionaire’sSayings app now. Therefore, you will find all theuseful quotes forAndroid mobile phones listed in the Millionaire'sSayings.So whatMillionaire's Sayings mobile app offers? The appcontains a bulkcollection of interesting and realistic quotes bythe famousmillionaires like Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, and WarrenBuffett. Soin this application, millionaire’s sayings are uploadedin a hugecollection of which will know the thinking of richpeople.Therefore you can also work hard for this. More quotes andsayingswill be updated on the weekly or monthly basis.Features•Millionaire’s Sayings app for mobile phones provide thousandsofquotes in written and imaged form. • High-speed loading,thereforeyou can also save your data flow. • Quotes are accordingto namesof millionaires, therefore, you can easily find quotes fromyourfamous businessmen. • By Millionaire’s Sayings app, you canaccessto the thousands of quotes very fast. • Quotes are sortedaccordingto their time, date, rating and popularity.Benefits •Become ahealthier, better, wealthier and happier person by theexperienceof popular millionaires of the world. • Proven results. •In orderto succeed and gather large wealth, a shift takes place inyourmindset. • Provides Entrepreneur motivations for thefuturemillionaires. • Therefore, read 10 to 20 quotes daily, youwill seethe better business results in your life.Here are some ofthefamous quotes like:I don’t pay good wages because I have a lotofmoney; I have a lot of money because I pay goodwages.
RobertBoschThat man is richest whose pleasures arecheapest.
Henry DavidThoreauThese and other kinds of motivationalquotes are availablein Millionaire’s Sayings app. So hurry up anddownloadMillionaire’s Sayings app now and learn how to be a richman.
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