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1.Achive IP camera realtime monitoring by P2P,without DDNSmapping.2.Support monitor audio and talkback.3.Support Snapshot andrecord.4.Support PTZ control.
HTML Source Code Viewer
Antonio Franco
HTML Source Code Viewer is a lightweight tool to view the HTMLsource of any Web site.The code is syntax highlighted and linenumber are shown. It is also possible to search a string in thesource code.NEW!Want to contribute? The app is now open sourceunder MIT license.http://github.com/antonio83franco/HTMLSourceCodeViewerThis is notan editor, is only a viewer!
DSLR Camera - Photo Guide Free
Get the Most Out of Your DSLR on aShot-By-Shot Basis*********** FREE Version ***************You don't need long, long-worded, highly technical books, manualsand DVD's anymore. With Photo Guide from Self-Study Apps you simplychoose from the list of Photo Subjects…click and quick and easyinstructions appear with expert advice on:* Choosing the correct F-Stop* Working with different lighting situations* The best angles for the shot* The best framing for the shot* Best composition for landscapes, action shots and portraitsWorks Offline Too!PhotoGuide has you covered no matter where that next great photoop may pop-up. You don't need to be able to connect to theInternet… all the information is embedded right into the appitself.The App That Takes the OOPS Out of Photo OpsMost great photo opportunities won't wait for you to 'figure itout' – it's click it or miss it. With Photo Guide from FatboyStudios you're only seconds away from the tips you need to get theright shot, every time, out of your Digital SLR Camera.
Signature Capture
Binary Solutions
Sign by touching the screen. Electronic signature capture app andlibrary (can be included in a 3rd party Android app). In demo moderequires internet connection and saves/exports up to 5 signaturesper week. For PDF document signing check out our application 'Filland Sign PDF Forms'. For 3rd party app integration instructionscheck out our web site. For other commercial purposes contact usvia support e-mail.
This application management package.This application will displayadvertisements.Functions : Uninstall Package. ShowPackage Detail. Launch Store. LaunchApplication. "Pick Activity" extension. "Pick Icon"function.Information: http://www.rabisoft.com/android/PackageManager/
OpenCV for Tegra Demo
This application demonstrates the speed advantage of OpenCV onTegra 3, Tegra 4 and Tegra 4i devices.
Metaio Toolbox
Metaio GmbH
The Metaio Toolbox allows to map, i.e.capture, reality in order to run Augmented Reality (AR) experiencesrelated with your direct surrounding or objects close to you. Theproduced "3D maps" can be exported to your computer and usedtogether with Metaio SDK in any of your AR scenario apps, orimported into Metaio Creator.In addition, you can display and edit your existing AugmentedReality scenarios by transferring an AREL package to your phone.Transforms of rendered content, such as translation, rotation andscale, can be adjusted directly inside Toolbox.The application also allow you to calibrate the devicecamera.
RoboSpice FractalExplorer
Fractal Explorer is a sample application to illustrate how to useRobospice for a non-network related background task. Here, we useda fractal as an example of a long running background task.Pinch,zoom and move inside a Mandelbrot fractal computed in an Androidservice...http://github.com/octo-online/robospiceRoboSpice hasbeen designed to perform network requests asynchronously. This appdemonstrates it can also be used in "offline" mode for tasks notrelated to the network.
WPS - Wifi Positioning System
Semesterprojekt am Institut für Theoretische Informationstechnik imSommersemester 2013.Sourcecode:http://github.com/tcuje/PraktikumSS13-WLAN-FingerprintLokalisierungin IEEE 802.11 WLAN Netzen durch FingerprintingDie Lokalisierungvon mobilen Knoten in drahtlosen Kommunikationsnetzen ist eingängiges Problem mit zahlreichen Lösungsansätze in der Literatur.Indiesem Projekt wurde ein Algorithmus basierend auf der Idee des"Fingerprinting" auf einer mobilen Plattform implementiert. BeimFingerprinting werden zunächst in einer Offlinephase zahlreicheMesswerte ermittelt und in einem geeigneten Format hinterlegt. Inder Onlinephase kann dann die Lokalisierung durch einen Vergleichzwischen aktuellen Messwerten und dem zuvor generierten Datensatzmittels eines Ähnlichkeitsmaßes erfolgen.Semester project at theInstitute for Theoretical Information Technology in the summersemester 2013.Source Code:http://github.com/tcuje/PraktikumSS13-WLAN-FingerprintLocalizationin IEEE 802.11 wireless networks by fingerprintingThe localizationof mobile nodes in wireless communication networks is a commonproblem with many approaches in the literature.In this project, analgorithm has been implemented based on the idea of​​"fingerprinting" on a mobile platform. In fingerprinting numerousmeasured values ​​are first determined and stored in a suitableformat in an offline phase. In the online phase can then be made bycomparing actual measurements and the previously generated data setby means of a similarity measure localization.
Speed detector
Speed detector(for Taiwan location data)LINE ID1: 5atgps ID2:5attechgps
eDis NL2
De eDis NL2 app voegt nieuwe dimensies toe aan het lezen vanWolters Kluwer uitgaven! U kunt e-books en e-magazines gemakkelijkdownloaden en binnen de applicatie zelf lezen. Altijd op de hoogte• Uw persoonlijke boekenplank biedt een relevant startpunt. • Vianotificaties weet u direct als er nieuwe uitgaven beschikbaar zijn.• Ook als u niet online bent kunt u gedownloade uitgaven inzien.Puur leescomfort • Het intuïtieve scherm leest bijzondercomfortabel. • Tekstgrootte en verlichting kunt u aanpassen aan uwvoorkeuren. Actief aan de slag met uw e-book / e-magazine • Dezoekfunctie screent snel en efficiënt alle voor u relevantepassages. • U kunt bookmarks, notities en markeringen toevoegen aande tekst. Wat hebt u nodig? •Als u vanuit uw abonnement recht hebtop de uitgaven, dan hebt u alleen uw Wolters Kluwer login enwachtwoord (hetzelfde als voor bijvoorbeeld Navigator) nodig omeDis te gebruiken. Systeemeisen • eDis NL2 ondersteunt alle openstandaarden: alle content in ePub en de meeste pfd-formaten. •Android 4.2.2 is de minimum software versie die eDis ondersteunt.EDIS NL2 app adds new dimensions to the reading of Wolters Kluwerpublications! You can easily download and read within theapplication itself, e-books and e-magazines. Always know • Yourpersonal bookshelf offers a relevant starting point. • Usingnotifications, you know immediately when new publications areavailable. • Even if you're not online you can view downloadedpublications. Pure reading comfort • The intuitive screen readsvery comfortable. • Text size and lighting can be adjusted to yourpreferences. Actively work with your e-book / e-magazine • Thesearch screens quickly and efficiently all the passages relevant toyou. • You can add bookmarks, notes and highlights to the text.What do you need? • If you right from your subscription to thepublications, you have only your Wolters Kluwer login and password(the same as for example Navigator) required to use EDIS. systemRequirements • Edis NL2 supports all open standards: all content inePub and most pdf formats. • Android 4.2.2 is the minimum softwareversion that supports Edis.
Magyar AnySoftKeyboard
MobiWIA Kft.
Magyar billentyűzet kiosztás és szótár AnySoftKeyboard-hoz.FIGYELEM! Ez egy kiegészítő, ami csak az eredeti programmal együttműködik. Önállóan nem!Telepítési útmutató lentebb. OLVASDEL!!!(Hungarian layouts and dictionary expansion pack forAnySofKeyboard.)Tippek:- QWERTZ és QWERTY kiosztás is támogatvavan- A soremelés gombot nyomva tartva könnyen elérhetőek abeállítások- 3 soros álló kiosztásban az ő,ű,ó,ú,í betűket azö,ü,o,u,i kétszeri gyors megnyomásával lehet előhozni, vagy azadott billentyű hosszabb lenyomása után a felugró ablakbólkiválasztani- fekvő módban minden magyar betűnek külön gomb-alternatív karakterek a billentyűk hosszú lenyomásával- fizikaibillentyűzetek is támogatva vannak: oo=ó,ooo=ö,oooo=ő (milestone,chacha)- a szótár megegyezik az openoffice szótárával (ragozásokatsajnos nem tud)- szótár bővítés: 2 mp.-ig nyomva tartani az új szóta javaslatok sorban- tablet optimalizált billentyűzet fekvő módban-két ujjas nagyítás/kicsinyítés gesztus a fekvő módú billentyűzetszétosztásához (tableten)- kísérleti elrendezés (YASEKU) ami az ujjmozgását minimalizálja, a magyar szavak gyakori betűkapcsolataialapján.- érdemes megnézni a billentyűzet beállításait *alaposan*mert nagyon sok minden állíthatóTelepítés:Ez a program önállóan NEMműködik. Először telepíteni kell az AnySoftKeyboard főprogramot,ami itt található:http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.menny.android.anysoftkeyboardEzekután:- Menj az Android "Beállítások" menüpontjára és válaszd ki a"Nyelv és billentyűzet" menüpontot.- Engedélyezd azAnySoftkeyboard-ot. Figyelmeztetést fogsz kapni az aktiváláselőtt!- Ugyanitt állítsd be 'Alapértelmezett'-nek is.Jószórakozást, és akinek kér(d)ése van, kérem e-mailt írjon (címetlásd lent), ne megjegyzést, lééégyszi. :)-- MobiWIA - a cooperationwith Andrs Studio --
Анимированные смайлы для Jimm
Vladimir Kryukov
Установщик анимированных смайлов для Jimm MultiДля установки требуется доступ на запись в папку /sdcard (обычноsd-карта)Инструкция:1) Установить программу2) Выбрать и установить набор смайлов3) Перезапустить JimmInstalleranimated smileys for Jimm MultiInstallation requires write access to the folder / sdcard(usually sd-card)Instructions:1) Install the program2) Select and install a set of smileys3) Restart Jimm
Dmitry Holodov
App that helps developers understand the new Android Host CardEmulation feature for payments. App allows you to enter your ownmagnetic stripe data from a Visa card and use it in an NFC paymentprotocol called Visa MSD. While Visa did not intend for cardholders to use their data this way, the app will work with Visacards from most banks. Visa MSD is a supported payment protocol bymost NFC payment terminals in the United States and Canada.Toobtain the magnetic stripe data from your card, you will need areader. In the US, they are available on both Amazon and Ebay foraround $20 delivered. The inexpensive ones are USB devices that actas keyboard input, so no special drivers are needed on Windows orMac OS X computers. While I'm sure there's more secure options, youcan use an app like Google Keep or Docs to quickly transfer theswipe input to your phone and paste it into the app. The card dataentered into the app is stored using Android's SharedPreference APIin a way that is not accessible by other apps on a non-rootedphone.The full source code to SwipeYours is available on Github:http://github.com/dimalinux/SwipeYoursBlog describing many detailsof SwipeYours:http://blog.simplytapp.com/2014/01/host-card-emulation-series-swipeyours.htmlSwipeYoursrequires both NFC and and Android version >= 4.4 for HCE (HostCard Emulation).Privacy: This app has no Internet permissions andwill not transfer your card information anywhere other than overthe NFC interface for payments.
The Patuo Ruta Ultramar
Aplicación de demostración de Realidad Aumentada de The Patuo parala ruta UltramarInstrucciones:-Busca con la cámara de tu teléfonolas imágenes objetivo-En el caso de un video toca una vez sobre laimagen para reproducir-Toca 2 veces la pantalla para acceder aOpciones de funcionabilidadPuedes descargar las imágenes paraprobar la aplicaciónaquí:http://es.scribd.com/doc/243729125/Marcadores-Demo-The-Patuo-Ultramar-pdfApplicationof Augmented Reality show The Patuo for overseasrouteInstructions:-Find With your camera phone the target imagesInthe case of a video played once on the image to play-Tap 2 timesthe screen to access functionality optionsYou can download imagesto test the applicationhere:http://es.scribd.com/doc/243729125/Marcadores-Demo-The-Patuo-Overseas-pdf
Christmas Ringtones collection
Go Ringtone
Cheer Up: Christmas is coming! It's time for us to tune ourringtone to celebrate Christmas. Here a great collection of mostpopular Christmas Carols, Hymns by choir and different kinds ofChristmas sound effects for your ringtone.You can set your desired sound to default ringtone, ringtone fora particular person, notification and alarm.An outstanding feature is that this app will search all themusic content in your phone and put them into a library folder, youare free to select any of these songs as ringtone as well.How to operate :- Press and hold down your desired ringtone until a pop up menuappears, select provided options at your desired.- By pressing the "STAR" icon, the corresponding ringtone will bestored in favorite folder fro easy retrieval later.- You can listen to the ringtones by pressing the Play/Pauseicons.- Press the "SD" icon on the top to switch to music library.This app has very simple UI, please have fun !
Angle of Elevation
Flash and Math Angle of Elevation. Find the angle of elevation ofyour phone. Great introduction to a trigonometry lesson: Point thephone at the top of a tree and tap the screen. This will lock inplace a measurement of the angle of elevation of your phone withthe horizontal -- combine this information with your distance fromthe base of the tree to find the height of the tree above yourphone. This experimental app is part of a complete suite ofprecalculus apps coming soon. Source code for the "Angle ofElevation" app can be found at www.flashandmath.com.
Material Library Demo
Rey Pham
Material Library is an Open Source Android library that back-portMaterial Design components to pre-Lolipop Android.*Permission:READ_CONTACTS - the app showcase a contact input view so It needthis permission.You can find the project on Github ( http://rey5137.github.io/material ).Feel free to use it all you want in your Android apps provided thatyou cite this project and include the license in your app.Material Library is inspired by Google's Material Design(http://www.google.com/design/spec/material-design/introduction.html)
Authentic Vision - CheckIfReal
CheckIfReal enables consumers to authenticate products tagged withthe Authentic Vision Unique Label to determine its realness. Checkif real stands for secure, simple and smart automatic productauthentication without any special knowledge by just using asmartphone. Checkifreal smoothly guides the user through the simpleauthentication process. Authentication has never been as easy aswith CheckIfReal and Authentic Vision. How to use: To scan a codesimply open the app and frame the code into the brackets. Afterthat, move the phone while keeping the tag in focus, so that we cancapture the hologram from different angles. Checkifreal willautomatically recognise the authenticity, and confirm if you have areal or a fake product. Please use the in-app tutorial foradditional instructions. Why use Checkifreal: • You can make surethe product you want to buy or will be using is authentic and thussafe to use • Help us fight counterfeiting • It’s free, there areno costs at all for you (with the acceptance of data usage)Requirements: In order to use Checkifreal, your phone will need acamera with autofocus and a working internet connection. Contact usfor help: Our goal is to make authentication of products easy andaccessible for all consumers. By enabling consumers to authenticateproducts themselves, we want to fight counterfeiting and in thatway contribute to a world with better, safer products. We arededicated to your satisfaction and welcome any feedback from you.If you have questions about the app, or maybe you have an issuewith Checkifreal, please do not write a review of the app saying"it didn't work.". Instead, please join us in our mission againstcounterfeiting and send us your remarks [email protected] and we'll do our best to help.
My Device ID
Find out what your device ID is.
Huawei Cloud Storage
Huawei Cloud StorageHuawei CloudStorage
قنادر جزائرية و دشاديش عراقية
قنادر جزائرية و دشاديش عراقية هو تطبيق يهتمبجديد فساتين البيت و المنزل و كذلك الفساتين العربية و الجزائرية والعراقية التقليدية و كذا يوفر لك مجلات الخياطة مثل مجلة لميس و مجلةشاهيناز الجزائرية و غيرها و زيادة ينقل لك المجلات العراقية مثل زفاتاللؤلؤة و قنادر زفة الأميرةمجلة شاهينازمجلة سلسبيلمجلة انفالموديلات قطيفة شتويةو قنادر الصيف الجديدةقندورة تاع الدارقنادر قبايلي و وهرانيفساتين البيت الجزائريةقنادر كتانمجلة كوكب الشرق و قنادر عراسيمجلة ايناسمتمنياتنا أن يعجبكم التطبيقلا تنسوا التقييم و كذلك زيارة صفحتنا على الفيس بوكhttp://www.facebook.com/qnadarGuenader Algerian andD_ak_ih Iraqi application is interested in anything new dresseshouse and home, as well as dresses Arab and Algerian and Iraqiconventional and as well as provides you with magazines sewing suchas the Journal of the facilitator and magazine Shahinaz Algerianand other and increase transports you magazines Iraqi such SvatPearl and Guenader hype PrincessMagazine ShahinazMagazine SalsabeelMagazine AnfalModels Plush WinterAnd Guenader new summerGuendorh Taa houseGuenader Kebaili and cattyDresses House AlgerianGuenader LinenJournal of the planet and the Middle Guenader ArasaMagazine EnasMtmanaatna that íÚĚČßă applicationDo not forget the evaluation, as well as visit our page onFacebookhttp://www.facebook.com/qnadar
Random Number Generator Picker
This application only generates a number between 1 and 100 everytime you touch the screen. Use it to:-Make decisions withfriends-Get a girlfriend-Find a cat-Think about decisions-Makeissues a priority-Heal your anti-calves (aka shins)-Get upboats onreddit?-Make a lonely old man a wise turtle hermit-Problem?
Web Fonts Viewer
This Application is simple viewer for Google Web Fonts.
Citrine API
* About Citrine- It’s a component based structure and mobile appdevelopment platform with Web technologies (XML, Java Script)*Feature of Citrine- Object Oriented ApproachThis approach solvesinefficiency for mobile app development through object orientedapproaches using MOML (Mobile Object Markup Language)- Simplefunctional definitionThis defines complicated functions byabstracting them matched with actual usage.- IndependentdevelopmentThis independently separates library developers fromapplication developments and implements a base to integrate themeasily.- Component based structureIt provides a base by whichservices developed by service providers are integrated with otherapplications.* Demo API List - Application & Device information- Camera - Chart (Bar, Bar Group, Line, Pie) - Coverflow &Gallery - Transition Effects(Blind, Flip, InnerCube, Mosaic, Slide,Tornado, Twirl, Zoom) - SMS - Theme - WebView - Video - Animations- Custom UI Components (Paint, QR code, ...) - Uncategorized(PhoneGap)search tags:hybrid, phonegap, webview, citrine, mospi,mobileweb, webapp, transition effect, coverflow, gallery, theme,
Navigation Drawer - Live-O
Example of use of the Navigation Drawer by designmaterial.Reference:http://www.google.com/design/spec/patterns/navigation-drawer.htmlGithub:http://github.com/rudsonlive/NavigationDrawer-MaterialDesign
Кыргыз)сахабалар (kyrgyz)
Сахабалар жөнүндө жалпы түшүнүкПайгамбарыбызды ((салляллаху ‘алейхи уа саллям)) тирүү кезинедекөрүп, ага ыйман келтирип, сукбеттерине катышканмомун-мусулмандарды сахаба деп айтабыз. Бир адам мусулман болоэлекте пайгамбарыбызды көрүп, пайгамбарыбыз (салляллаху ‘алейхи уасаллям)) дүйнөдөн көзү өткөндөн кийин ыйманга келген болсо, жемусулман болуп, кийин динден кайткан болсо, сахаба деп эсептелбейт.Пайгамбарыбыз (салляллаху ‘алейхи уа саллям)) сахабаларынын эчкимисин каапыр болбой тургандыгын, башкача айтканда,мусулманчылыктан чыкпай тургандыгын, баардыгынын бейишке киретургандыгы жөнүндө кабар берген. Ахли-Сүннөт аалымдары сахабалардыүчкө бөлгөн:Калган китептерди веб сайттан алсаныздар болот веб сайт астындатурат...Sahabalarzhөnүndө zhalpy tүshүnүk     Paygambarybyzdy ((sallallahu'alayhi wasallam)) tirүү kezinede kөrүp, yeah yyman keltirip,sukbetterine katyshkan Maumoon musulmandardy-Sahabah aytabyz Dep.Bir adam musulman bolo electron paygambarybyzdy kөrүp,paygambarybyz (sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam)) dүynөdөn kөzү өtkөndөnkiyin yymanga kelgen Bolsa same musulman bolup, kiyin Dindo kaytkanBolsa Sahabah eseptelbeyt Dep. Paygambarybyz (sallallahu 'alayhiwasallam)) sahabalarynyn ech kimisin kaapyr bolboy turgandygyn,bashkacha aytkanda, musulmanchylyktan chykpay turgandygyn,baardygynyn beyishke Cyrus turgandygy zhөnүndө Kabar Bergen.Ahli-Sүnnөt aalymdary sahabalardy үchkө bөlgөn:Kalgan kitepterdi Web sayttan alsanyzdar marshes website astyndaTurat ...
Video streaming DEMO
Portalsoft Ltd
This is a DEMO video on demand application.Features:- Splash screenwith progress animation- Featured movies page (List of movies withtitle, director, actors, purchase & details navigation buttons.Watch movie trailer feature)- Action movies page (Movies selectedby action genre. Title, director, actors, plot, rating, purchasenavigation button)- Movie details page (Detailed informations aboutthe selected video. Title, rating, director, actors, plot, videogallery, purchase navigation button)- Movie watch page (Customdesigned full screen movie watch page with animated, hiddencontrols, HLS video streaming, HQ, SD, HD qualities, Adaptivebitrate streaming, volume, brightness control, play/pause, seekcontrols)Designed for tablets with 10" screens or wider. Minimumscreen width: 1200dp.